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Through our daily exposure to EMFs (Electro Magnetic Field), like mobile phone radiation, microwaves, cordless phones, televisions, and computers, many of us are drained by the end of the day. Our normal body's sensitive energy flow system is compromised. The SCIO allows an individual to reduce these stresses and ground the client.

Stress takes an enormous toll on our bodies with the lowering of immune functioning, increased workload on the heart, and overproduction of the adrenals to name a few. Without the proper release of stress, the body's normal mechanism to heal itself becomes compromised. The SCIO biofeedback device allows us to gain unbelievable insight into what is causing the body's stress and helps to facilitate a comfortable balance.



The stress of living in today's environmentally complicated and fast paced world causes an exorbitant amount of pressure and strain on our bodies. These stressors may lower immune system function, can lead to chronic pain, poor performance, chronic fatigue, depression, loss of focus, insomnia and emotional conflicts.

The SCIO is an extraordinary device that can help balance the over-stressed body system. The SCIO can help correct underlying causes of allergies, food sensitivities, weight gain, digestive and bowel problems, stress, fatigue, insomnia, arthritis, skin problems, headaches and migraines all through the reduction of stress.

The SCIO facilitates in the enhancement of clients' general health, increases wellness through awareness, improves performance, increases energy levels, relaxes and decreases stress.

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